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Sumato Ad

It manages the communication of the store in real time, allowing to show appropriate ads to each segment and obtaining the produced impact.

Get instantaneous and real-time information of who is being reached by our message and the impact obtained, based on gender, age range, time in front of the screen and degree of interest.

Sumato Ad caracteristics

  • •  Management of audiovisual or digital content in a flexible and centralized way.
  • •  Segmentation by age and gender of the content to be displayed.
  • •  Characteristics of the audience, age range and gender.
  • •  Impact Indicators of feeling, such as anger, disgust, fear, joy, sadness and surprise, before the publicity shown.
  • •  Sensor integration, IoT.
  • •  Possibility of generating callers of shifts and / or queues.
  • •  Multiplatform (Linux, Windows, iOS y Android).

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