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Sumato Visitor Traffic

It allows you to obtain your customers' behavior in real time, segmenting them by Gender and Age Range.

The obtained information through the processing and combination of contextual data such as weather conditions and social network indicators can then be visualized in real time in our analytical business intelligence panel Sumato-Bi

What can we understand with Visitor Traffic?

  • •  How many people come in to my point of sale?
  • •  What profiles and segments come in?
  • •  How many and who pass through my zone?
  • •  How many time do they stay?
  • •  What hours should I have open?
  • •  When do I assign my best sellers?
  • •  How much sellers do I need at that hour?
  • •  Do people change accord the season?
  • •  Do they come in family groups?
  • •  How does a marketing campaign impacts on my business?
  • •  What is my business convertion rate?
  • •  Should I be offering another products?

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